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Taking Care of Kids

Taking Care of Home

Taking Care of You

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You’re climbing over mountains of laundry

  • You’re often tired

  • Ordering in again feels easier than deciding what to cook

  • You forgot about an appointment – again!

  • You’re embarrassed to have people in your home

  • You paid another late fee this month

  • You feel like you’re wasting so much time, money, & energy

Are you worried you’re just not doing this mom thing “right”?

If you. . .


…want the freedom for fun and the time to pursue intentional relationships with your kids and your spouse…

…want to create a home environment where your family is comfortable and content…

…need to be reminded that you are important, too…

…then More Mommy Moments is the place for you.

What Other Moms Are Saying…

“Jenn’s process helped me better understand how our family functioned which helped me simplify hot spots and let me focus more on my kids and less on the chaos.”


“As a mom to a toddler and living in a small condo, Jenn helped me implement simple storage solutions that corralled all the things so I could create a space that resembled a home and not a playroom.” 



“Jenn’s approach helped me spend more time with my son by focusing less on the long-term goal and more on the next attainable step toward that goal.”



Be a Mom who ROCKS! 

When home is running well, you have more time, money, and energy for your kids, your spouse, and yourself.

Relationship—because that’s what it’s all about

Operations—become a planning and paperwork boss

Cleaning—put chores on autopilot

Kitchen—make putting food on the table fast and easy

Simplicity – keeping things simple is the key to success

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New Year, New Choices

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“You are the perfect Mom for Your Kids.”

Jenn Uren

Jenn Uren

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