New Year, New Choices

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 It’s New Years Eve and the day is electric with anticipation at the new choices on the horizon.  At midnight the clock will chime and the calendar will turn to a new day.  A new month.  A new year!  

But what if instead of moving forward to January 1, 2020 it rolled back to January 1, 2019?  What if you were given a chance to redo some things?  Maybe change them or experience them all over again?  What would you do differently or better?

A chance to relive it

We got home a month ago from a 5-week road trip.  It was a trip we had spent most of the year planning and anticipating.  It was fabulous!  And just like that…it was over.  I would love to relive those 5-weeks.

Some things I wouldn’t want to redo.  Potty training the Littles happened this past year and I wouldn’t want to go through that again.

A chance to change it

But if I’m honest, there are some things I would love the chance to do differently.  In particular I wish I had tackled hard things instead of hoping they would get easier on their own.  (Shocker: the longer I avoided them, the harder they became.)

Things like picking up the phone to make that uncomfortable call.  Having the conversation about how to pay that bill.  Doing the physical therapy exercises.  Knowing how to say no instead of always saying yes.

I would love the chance to do it differently.

The chance to choose to do it differently.

The gift of new choices

But that’s really what every day offers us, isn’t it?  Each day gives us new choices.  The choice to do what we’ve always done or a new choice to do it differently.

But it’s so overwhelming!  I know.  It really can be.

I recently was reading about persistence and this illustration was used:

“It can take many months (sometimes even a full year) for water to fill the reservoir behind the dam.  Drop by drop, day by day, the water gets higher and higher.  But when it reaches a certain level the water begins to turn hydroelectric generators. Then, a huge amount of power is released that can light up a whole city.”

Each day we can are adding a drop to that dam.  The question is are we filling it with action or avoidance?  Either one has a huge impact.  Action is filling that dam drop by drop getting it to the point of creating energy, giving us margin, and reducing out mountain problems down to manageable molehills.  

Avoidance is taking a full dam and adding to it drop by drop until the pressure is too great and the dam bursts.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have had my fair share of dams about to burst under pressure.  I want dams that generate energy and give life!

So what do we do?

How about if instead of wishing things were different, you make new choices to do thing differently?

Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.  And it has nothing to do with the date on the calendar.

Written by:Jenn Uren

Jenn and her family are always looking for ways to make things easier at home so they can spend time as a family doing the fun things they want to do.

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